My Epistle

Titus 2:3-5

The Lord is in the business of using obedient, principled and loyal people are you ready to be serve the Lord??? I am just responding to a seed that’s been growing in my heart.

I always say am a baby, this is because am not 40 yet. We can never know it all, we are still growning and learning. So anyone under 40 is still a baby, well that’s what I think. Lol………….

So a lot of various chat groups and pages and blogs are out there now a days talking to women how to be empowered, independent, and so on. This blog is for those who are broken, need healing, need to hear others stories that will encorage and empower them, draw you back to God, and get biblical advise to my best ability. In all without loosing the God factor out of the answers you are searching for.

So each week I will take various topics of my own or asked to discus by others. Or even personal testimonies. ”Gimme grace Lord”.