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Jesus is Here and You Ask Where?

Good morning

I was going to post something related to this last week and as soon as I saw this post by BDHM, of course I had to post his instead.

Have you ever asked yourself these question during an anointing service, when the…

Minister says:- Jesus is here

You (in your head) :- WHERE???

Minister says:- The Holy Spirit is moving

You (in your head) :- WHERE???

Minister says:- God is touching you

You (in your head) :- I can’t feel it???

This post by BDHM will help you to understand what you should do when hear such statements.

Pleased read⤵️

 by Dag Heward-Mills

 READ: Acts 2:1-21

Joel 2:28 

…I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh…

When the Holy Spirit arrived on the day of Pentecost, there was a great uproar in the city . Some people thought that the people speaking in tongues were drunk. Others thought that the disciples were mad. Perhaps, many just didn’t know what was happening.

Apostle Peter, at the Lord’s prompting, rose up in the midst of the confusion and boldly declared, “This is that!” What did he mean by “this is that”? This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel. One of the greatest keys to flowing in the supernatural is to believe that what you are seeing is what you have believed for. How did Peter know that this was that spoken of by the prophet Joel? He didn’t know! He just declared boldly that he was seeing the supernatural.

One time while I was ministering, a young lady began to scream, twist and squirm. She had to be held down by four strong men. As I ministered to her, she suddenly became still and collapsed to the ground. I wondered to myself, “What has happened now?” The Holy Spirit said to me, “This is that!” This is Acts 8:5-8 reenacted. This is what Jesus experienced when He cast out the epileptic spirit in Mark 10:9. God told me, “This is that which Jesus experienced.”

When you have “this is that” faith, you will be able to accept the supernatural happenings in your life. When you hear the voice of the Spirit speaking to your mind, you will no longer say that it is just a thought. You will say, “This is that”.

Be blessed and have a great week.


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