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Tipping Over!

Good morning,

Was a bit under the weather and needed a longer sleep hence why I didn’t post yesterday. Was feeling the same this morning but decided to toughen up. Also I really had a message I want to pass on.

I was just thinking of some scenarios on how women sink into a state of depression. How do they get to that tipping point and tip over???

I once knew a lady who was duped of £10,000 and as soon as she heard, she literally ran mad. 

Another lady, though she had been separated from her husband for nearly a year, hears that her husband has had a child by another woman as she was barren, immediately also started losing her senses.

Another after a week loses her mind and ends up dying after being told the baby she delivered passed away. 

Another was jilted by a supposed fiancé and marries without her knowing.

Every time we go through some things in our past, if not dealt with properly, it gets stored up in our memory. But on a day when something severely happens, when that ticking bomb is set off, the explosion can be hard to rectify and can be fatal.

Let’s get help when going through an emotional stress. 

According to experts, the shock of hearing bad news can lead to insanity or instant death, effectively due to a broken heart.

I saw this article and thought I’d share bits of it. 

So how does shock, both physical and psychological, actually impact on the body?

“A shock can have a physical effect on the body and when there are two emotions in conflict, the brain doesn’t know which one to go with,” says hypnotherapist Richard Osterfield,

“If someone has a shock, then the body can react by manifesting itself in big, emotional problems such as OCD, bipolar and depression.”

It is also said that it can be caused by a drop in our oestrogen level. “A sudden surge of stress hormones and adrenaline creates a perfect storm of risk,” says Dr Lyon.

The tipping over starts from being unable to focus, feeling stunned for a while, you are unable absorb your thoughts.

Tipping over starting stages can be identified, by the inability to control your pulse, feeling unusually calm, developing high or low blood pressure, feeling weak and faint, talking to oneself, mixing up stories and so on. 

Let’s pay attention to ourselves and others around us when going through a traumatic episode. 

My spiritual mother once said we are all on a continuum,  no one knows when the chemical imbalance can get too much and tip over to the other side.

I pray God will give us the grace to receive His strength in our time of trial and tribulations.

We can also be on a continuum in our spiritual walk. At least this medication is already available. 

As long as we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, we will never reach that point of tipping over. Amen.

Am tired, not sure I’ve expressed myself well enough.

But anyway reminding us of my favourite scripture…

2 Timothy 1:7, For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 

It is well in Jesus name. Amen 😇🙏😘


2 thoughts on “Tipping Over!

  1. It’s certainly well. Just hung in there and believe that he has not brought you this far to leave you nor forsake you.

    Soo blessed by this.. thanks 👌🏾

    Liked by 1 person

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