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Being Rejected #rejected #unwanted 

Good morning,

Hope you had a good week? Yesterday (Sunday), was great. Spent quality time with those I love after church. When people are genuinely friends, race, colour, sex, spiritual believes and not even background can ruin a genuine two way relationship. That’s not my topic for today. WAS JUST SAYING!!!

I don’t know what today’s title is yet so will keep writing and see what I call it. 

I saw this clip the other day and I remembered when I went through this similar issue.

She’s My Home

Wasn’t that emotional. Hmmmm. I have been in thier shoes before. My now mother inlaw had  also rejected me. (That will be my title).

I remember not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a difficult cross to carry when you have to go through something like this.

I wasn’t Ghanaian enough

If you love him, you’ll let him work for five years before he gets married.

If he marries you, you will keep him away from me. 

She gave all sorts of excuses.

I remembered once kneeling at her feet for hours while she gave me reasons why her son cannot marry me.

I didn’t understand. I held on to his promise that he loves me and was not going anywhere. My parents encouraged us and my dad always said, “Don’t worry as long as you both know what you are doing and get it right everyone else will have no choice than to follow”.

I had heard BDHM talk about people who disobeyed parents wishes and got married. On two separate occasions one of them died and in the other both of them died. I was afraid.

In my eyes I didn’t do anything wrong, but you see it could be because of that initial disobedience that has delayed some things in our marriage. We will never know.

But am greatful to God that she’s on the same page with us now. She even now wants to do the proper asking of my hand in marriage. Thank God for his mercies.

Dont ask me what you can do in this situation because my response is to PRAY. Pray that God will teach you and lead you into the right decisions. My way might not have been the right way though it yielded results after nearly 8years in total.

For all I know in the spirit till the day she actually met My parents again and they all agreed she has accepted me was when God recognised that we are actually married. Hmmm. 

But one thing we did was to ask for forgiveness from both God and mum inlaw.

Before you say I didn’t give you a scripture lol 😊. If you are going through this or know someone who is.

This scripture should be your prayer topic. So whomever you need their heart changed, may it be changed in Jesus name.

Proverbs 21:1, The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will. 

It is well and remain blessed. 



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