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Guess What Am Up To Now???

Good morning, 

What am going right now with rating all this blog and putting myself out there, is so not my comfort zone. I just believe in this journey am on at this moment and am running with it. I fill satisfied when I yield to the voice of the Holy Spirit and doing the what am told. Are you?

So here is the latest, Soooo I have started another blog and also a group on Facebook, Called By His Side. (You can search for it on Facebook, but it’s by invite only and only people on the group can invite and see what is on the group). Sorry to segregate, I just think women in this category also needs this.

It’s a group for Pastors Wives and also if you yourself are a Minister. A place of solace, a place to vent if need be. A place to ask other ladies their opinion. A place to share stories and view in aid of helping others.

I know most of the women in this category find it hard to find friends and people to confined in. So even if it’s just to share scriptures, it’s welcomed.


As long as it is within our faith and biblical backings. 

If you know anyone who fits the bill, feel free to pass on this post.

For those who join the group and follow the blog, I hope and believe God will be with us all on this journey.

God bless you all.



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