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PSA:- Going On a Break

Good  Morning,

I will not be posting today until the 26th  It’s a very busy time for me at work and I’m just being able to do my quiet time. 

I do have something very important brewing it’s been a combination of a few questions I have been asked lately and how I dealt with it, my own testimony and how I’m still learning. 

So please be patient with me and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and may the good Lord fulfil his will in your life.

I pray that we lose nobody for the rest of this year, had a bad news yesterday from somebody whom I know lost their mum. 

it’s a very tough time of the year, we do loose a lot of people around this time of the year.

My prayer for you all as you are have a very good Christmas and we will experience no loss in Jesus name. 

Once again Merry Christmas and remember to keep sane in every relationship or marriage you are in. Look into yourself first before you look at your partner.

God bless and Lots of Love. 😘😘



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