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Your happiness (Part B)

Good morning ,

It’s just about 8.22am Wednesday morning, barely able to get out of bed, am so tired and need more sleep 😴. Well back to business before I go and get ready for work. 

You know sometimes we don’t realise or acknowledge our flaws until someone else points them out. I used to do something with hubby when we first started courting, I would ask every 6 months for a list of the things he is happy with and the things he is not happy with. He used to be so annoyed by it (lol 😂😂😂). I would write a whole 2 pages of the bad and just a few lines of the good. 

In my head it helped to get to know exactly what needed fixing in us. This is because somethimes I believe that in spoken words you don’t get your points across properly. But written down you can take your time to really express yourself, go over the way you’ll say it without causing an offence and be able to make your point. Especially for those of us who speak other languages or are married to people from different country, tribe, and culture.

Because I did that now we find it easy to talk without writing them down. That was just a thought that popped in my head as I started writing, so guess it must be for somebody.

Your happiness (Part B)
The other thing most women rely on their happiness for is their children. I know some are going to either accept or be annoyed by what am going to say. 

I have watched and paid detailed attention to various marriages around me. Admired some and vowed never to be like some ever since I was a young girl. One of the things that struck out was how women would use their children as an excuse to love their husbands, or as a replacement of what is lacking in their relationship with their husband, or when they become single mothers, they smother their child, and hold on to the hope that the child is coming back to give them everything a man couldn’t.

Usually when this happens, children become spoilt and ask for ridiculous things you cant afford, but you go out of your way to get them, even get into debts. I mean take a look at the daughter of Herodias,

Matthew 14:8, Having been prompted by her mother, she said, “Give me here on a platter the head of John the Baptist.”

Also 2 Chronicles 22:2 story of Ahaziah the twenty-two years old king, who reigned one year in Jerusalem. And his mother’s Athaliah was his counsellor who probably was a single mother, or a very bitter one lead her son to ruling as a wicked king.

Mother’s usually use the whole I carried you for nine months to blackmail us for the rest of our lives. 

I once knew a lady who would even get so angry with her husband every time he told their sons off. She explained each time he scolded the children she felt it in her bones, she would cry with the child. Everytime any of the children got injured she would be so distressed, no matter the size of the injury.

I would ask her is there something am missing, I mean I’ve got to kids and I feel nothing when they get injured, I just try to fix them encourage and explain to them what no to do next time. I believe it is God that is looking after them. I also don’t put them before my husband, I’ve never really had to, I think things have naturally played out itself.

It doesn’t make me heartless or means I don’t love them enough. I just believe they will leave me one day so the one who isn’t leaving should get more of my love and attention. I just think my job is to,

Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

God help us all and be blessed as you go about your day. 😇



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