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Good morning,

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend? 

Sunday the 20th 2016 and it’s my one of my sisters birthday today. May God continue to bless you and increase you in anointing, success, favour, riches, grace. Amen.

As I write am not sure the title for this post yet. But I usually never do until I start writing. 

So I would like to talk about Vashti and Esther. Vashti means, “beautiful woman.”. I think this got to her head a bit too much that she thought she was irreplaceable, and Esther means a star.

These two ladies had a different mind set, one had the mind set of doing the job which made her obeindent and the other it was about the position. I think that’s my title, OBEDIENCE.

The story can be found in Esther 1:1-21, King Xerxes who thought so much of his wife’s physical appearance, that he wanted to exhibit her beauty to the court, for she was pleasant to look at.

Esther 1:12, But when the attendants delivered the king’s command, Queen Vashti refused to come. Then the king became furious and burned with anger.

She was also throwing her own party for the women and thought that was more important, her position as the beautiful queen was more in her heart, not the desires of her husband.

She misunderstood her husband who wanted to honour her, thinking he was beinging her to disgrace her in front of the drunken court. 

Her story was so short lived as she was punished for her actions in order to set an example to the other women. She was disgraced and replaced by her husband, she could never again be in his presence, her title as queen also stripped from her.

Then came Esther, she already showed sign of greatness by being obedient to her uncle. She also listened to the eunuch Hegai who advised her on what to ask from the King. She spoke when asked to. 

I know now a days women/ 21st century woman also have great positions at work so when placed under a man they find it hard to be obedient. If you remember in my previous post Lioness @ home. I spoke about using wisdom to deal with the man.

Which is more important to you, being called Mrs by all but at home you disobey your husband wishes or deny him is rights to you. 


An obedient wife with all humility uses wisdom to deal with her husband and even if his request are abnormal, finds a way to make it work rather than bring him to disgrace in front of his friends.

Be wise ladies. I don’t write to give you the perfect solution, but to remind and encourage you. 

All I ask is that we know our place, not just making sure the house is tidy and here is food but allow the word of God and the sweet influence of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in being obedient to our husbands.

It doesn’t belittle you to submit, or like most ladies say “makes me feel like a fool”. I hold my touge most of the time because it brings peace and brings it much quicker. Be blessed. 



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