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Common fears of women

Its 2:14am and am still awake from preparing for tommrow Sunday and the next couple of days. Who am I to prepare, human beings and trying to be overly ready😉(nodding my head).

I also have a very unbearable headache. Am not one to moan about pain but my goodness. Will just write and see how I can distract myself.

I heard a message once and I’ve decided to talk about it for the weekend.

The common fears of women not in any particular order are:-

1.) Fear of the future

2.) Fear of not getting married, like we have a sell by date.

3.) Fear of not being liked by others

4.) Fear of not having a child

5.) Fear of not being loved anymore by the husband.

6.) Fear of becoming a widow

7.) Fear or hereditary deseases

8.) Fears of not getting what we want and so on.

Most women find it hard to talk about thier fears. Which leads to more fears, people finding out, people gossiping about them, people judging them, etc. Oh my, my, my…

Check this out, am going to be talking about a lady called Tamar in the bible, oh no talking about another Tamar again. I promise it’s not deliberate. This particular Tamar is the daughter in law of Judah, son of Jacob. Read the full story in Genesis 38:11-30.  Meaning of the name Tamar according to wiki, “it is a female name of Hebrew origin, meaning “date” (the fruit), “date palm” or just “palm tree”. So don’t be afraid to name your child Tamar.

So this lady in her desperation to be called Mrs and Mummy so and so ended up sleeping with her father in law and bore him a child. Out of fear, she became manipulative, a harlot as she was described in the bible for what she did. We are sometimes our biggest problems and allow the devil to enlarge the fears in us. Even Abraham fell for the fears of his wife Sarah out of the desperation of being childless. These and so many more examples of women in the bible acting on fear.

I have a group of friends and one day we sat down to have dinner and in our conversations we all spoke about what we lacked, our fears about them, and what was a thorne in our flesh. To me it seemed we all lacked what the other had or was afraid of what the other ladies could handle.

As we all listened to each other I had to point out to us all how one lacked what the other wanted. We laughed and realised we could learn off each other on some of those fears we all had. Let us be able to confined in each other and allow God to use your fellow woman to overcome your fears.

My favourite scripture and the first scripture I memorised when I gave my life to Christ is 2 Timothy 1:7. God has not given us the spirit of fear.

Ok am going to stop here my head hurts, think am going to take out my hair.😳😰

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