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Seasons :- Present (Part A)

Good morning to you and I believe you had a blessed night!

Moving on into the present, the present simply in dictionary terms is an existing or occurring. Wiki goes on to say present is a moment in time and a period between past and future.

There are two choices in the present.

1. Accept and deal with it.

I once posted on facebook that “healing starts from being able to forgive yourself”. Now whether it was your fault or not you where abused, it is not who you are or whom God made you. It was just another activity that occurred in your record of occurrences in your life. Hope is not lost, there is still life after the past.

2. Remaining a victim of your past.

Back to my case study for this week, I know a lot of young girls who went through a form of abuse or the other. Either emotionally, physically, and psychologically.  Most of the time an abuser is always someone you know, which sometimes makes it harder to deal with. Sometimes they are usually older than you and you see them as a protector not any enemy. 

So I studied the story of Amnon and Tarmar 2Samuel 13:1-

Tamar didnt see it coming, again someone familiar. He planned it all out and she didn’t see it coming. Instantly she started talking about being ashamed. 2Samuel 13:13 “where could I go in my shame”. Her shame? How is it hers?, it wasn’t her fault. Ammon instantly hated her, she pleaded to stay with him even though she had just been abused. “Sending me away is worse than what you’ve already done”. Again she shows how it’s easier to victimise ourselves ratter than seeking help and dealing with the situation. She felt that as she was no longer a virgin, no one would want her.

Ladies or and gents reading this there is a greater and better way. Jesus loves you, he will never leave nor forsake you. He said “I am come that ye may have life and life more abundantly”. He is your redeemer, restorer, refuge. Call onto him and he will direct your path.



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