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Seasons :- Past

Good morning,

They are various seasons in life, past, present and future. The past usually creates the present and makes the future.

The past simply means, gone back in time and it is no long existing. So why do we get stuck in the season of the past and let it determine our present. I once knew a young lady who was abused as a child. So has she got older she felt it was ok for men to also have full access to her. I mean it didn’t matter who, when and where or the sense of the word NO. She felt she had nothing to offer and she is who she is and it is because of what she did in the past.

It wasn’t the girl who abused herself, it was the abuser. But because of the fear that was put in her that the abuser made sure he made her believe it was her fault, the girl grew to have no self worth, confidence, courage or respect for herself and body. But God has not given us the spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7).

Now this was the season of her past not the season of her present. She’s made herself into a victim. When we victimise ourselves we are allowing the devil complete access. He will constantly remind us of our sins. Make us feel we are of no use and cannot be a better person.

(“It is time to follow God into every new season and any new wave of the Spirit. Dear friend, you can regain the crispness and newness of spirit that you once had. You can rise into higher things that God has called you for. God wants to raise you up with a brightness that will never fade” By BDHM)



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